Hi all, my Dad thinks that the world is ending (the biblical rapture) near the end of September, he even has it down to the minute. My sister in law, brother, and myself believe he is suffering from "religious obsessions / religious delusions", because all he does is watch conspiracy youtube videos about how the Bible is telling us when the rapture / resurrection will be, he fills notebooks with his notes, thoughts, and theories. His bible is full of his off the wall theories, written in the margins, etc. When we take him to family gatherings, this is all he talks about, and it makes people really uncomfortable. This is all he wants to talk about to my mother (they live together) and myself (I visit a few times a month). It causes my mom a lot of unneeded stress, and it causes fighting between my father and myself. My father has lost all of his friends BECAUSE this is all he talks about, and people tell him he sounds crazy, and he just smuggle says that he's right, and we'll all see (that the world is ending at the end of September).

My father has recently taken to spending all of their life savings, since he thinks the world is ending in a few weeks. This is a HUGE problem since my mom also helped to save up that money for retirement, and will need it, and it wasn't enough to support them to begin with!! I've been urging my mother to move all of the money to a bank account with only her name on it; she says I'll think about it, and then does nothing. My mother is in denial; he just ignores all the crazy stuff he says and keeps moving along with her life. She says there's nothing we can do.

I've spoken to my brother and he also says there's nothing we can do. I've talked to my father A LOT OF TIMES about going to see a mental health care professional "just to see if everything is right", etc., but he will not go no matter what I say.

I have booked a hotel room in the city they live in, so that I will be there the morning he thinks the world is ending, but I'm not sure what to do. My mother plans on going to work as usual, because she doesn't want to feed into his fantasies. I've been urging her to stay at the hotel with me, because I don't know how he will act. He's a complete fanatic! I'm not even sure I should be around him the morning he thinks the rapture is coming, because I'm not sure if it will be safe.

He also believes that police / some group of people are going to be searching everyones houses, and has mentioned that he will be on guard with anyone who knocks on his door after the rapture. He thinks that a lot of pillaging will essentially ensue after the "rapture", so he has mentioned taking his guns out and being "ready".

The police in their city are absolutely incompetent / power crazy. I'm afraid if I were to call them for help, they would end up aggressing my dad / causing something horrible to happen. I don't know who to call for help. If he were to get put into a mental institution, we couldn't afford it.

What should I do?!?

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Google Baker Act. In most States you can get a 72 hour psychiatric hold on patients who exhibit this pathology.
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I worry about the safety of your mother, both financially and physically. Your dad has an untreated mental illness that is making him paranoid and there is a real possibility of violence.
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I agree with cwillie 100%. You certainly cannot predict the day your father will wake up and decide this is the day the world will end. It could cost you lots of money to sit in a hotel room and wait. Can you call Adult Protective Services in your city--for your mom if not your dad? The guns in the house scare the heck out of me.   Your dad is very sick and needs help.
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If your dad is planning to shoot anyone after the rapture,, he must not be planning on being swept up with the believers! Have you asked him about this? I would call the local police, even if you think they are not very good. Better he be in the hospital than dead!
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Sadly, if your mom will not take the simple steps to protect herself there is not much you can do.

It took a couple years, but I finally got my Mom to move the liquid assets (cash and stock investments) into her exclusive name. She was so afraid that Dad would see this and she couldn't face his anger. What finally corked it was the day sears delivered a HUGE riding lawn mover. They had no lawn..barely a little garden in front of the house! I did manage to get sears to take it back...and Mom finally went and withdrew nearly everything. She couldn't close the accounts without his signature..but very little was left. When the monthly statements arrived...she only showed him the statements in her name only....he never noticed. He sat and pretended to read it all ... but I think he did it just for show...

Ah well....keep working on getting Mom to see that doing this protects both of them. She must act ... all her life her husband acted to protect both of them, now it is up to her.
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The first step is to take possession of the guns and get them out of his reach. Also, remove things that could be used as a weapon. You can take the kitchen knives and hammers right before the rapture event. Contact your local human services to see if protective services can send out someone quickly to talk to your father about the rapture event. They don't have to identify themselves as a government worker to him, so maybe he'll talk freely. They should know what needs to be done and help you. It may be, as Barb mentioned, that they will want to use the Baker Act and go from there in order to protect him, the family, and neighbors.
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I would want to see if you can first get him to go in for a physical. Maybe this is related to a medical issue. If you can deliver a letter to the doctor tells your concerns before he goes, that may help.

For the Baker act you need 2 persons willing to testify he has said and/or done something to exhibit that he is a danger to self and others. (I have a niece with schizophrenia and have had to do so multiple times.)

I agree with others...protect mom. Remove as many weapons as discretely as possible.
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Onhere, when did this start? Was there any significant event that preceded it? Has he been watching a lot of political news on tv? I've read that there's been an increase in depression and anxiety since the election.

Is he involved in any religious groups, and are there others with whom he's in touch who believe in the same scenario?

Are you a signatory on your parents' accounts? If so, move the funds to a separate account, but speak with your banker to alert them to what's happening. They may have to put some kind of block on the drained down accounts before they're completely drained and/or overdrawn.

Has your father, and/or your mother or both executed any POAs? If so, and the proxy is other than them, that individual could also transfer the funds.

Your father seems to have some kind of paranoid delusion, and really does need psychiatric help, but he's not going to accept it willingly. I think other's suggestions of Baker Acting him might be necessary. And I agree that all weapons need to be removed, or if you know how, remove the firing pin, and hide all the ammo.

It would also be good to alert the local police now and ask what they can do (at least protect your mother) at the end of September.

You'll also have to plan for the first day of October when life still goes on (although with Kim Jong-Un rapidly escalating toward war, one never knows what will happen in October). That's another thought - has he been watching tv and the escalation in N. Korea?
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Remove the guns safely or call the police if you aren't familiar with weapons.
Also please have your dad evaluated even if it takes a 5150 (involuntary hold for 72 hrs). With guns in the home and your dad talking & not making sense should convince the police to do this.
Dad needs an immediate mental health evaluation
& the family needs to assure their safety.
Good luck!
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Dear Onherenow,

I'm sorry to hear what is happening. Please listen to the others call Adult Protective Services, alert the Police. I don't believe others when they say there is nothing that can be done. I know sometimes it feels futile, but at the minimum call Adult Protective Services. Your dad needs to be seen by a doctor. Why is he saying these things? Side effects of medication? Mental decline from other undiagnosed medical condition. Something is going on and something can and should be done. I hope you can find the help you need.
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