My father in law, who is diabetic and basically blind, had a few stokes at home. Also not taking his blood pressure medicine or diabetes meds. He's only seen the doc once and was told he has till November to live if he quits drinking whisky, which he did but is still getting worse. He's spacing out of reality at times and repeating simple tasks like looking at the time before he leaves, says the time,. takes a step then repeats the things he just literally did; what should we do? We're clueless ( he's the one refusing to see the doc not us, we keep urging him to go). Thanks for any help we can get (we're ready the the end to happen it's starting to affect our marriage).

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By meds do u mean his diabetic? If so u FIL could go into diabetic shock. Can't remember how it goes low sugar or high but they will show signs like Dementia. They get lethargic. Slur words like a stroke. If he starts showing these signs then u need to call 911 and get him to the hospital.
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Dear MarreddTheOwl,

I'm sorry to hear what is happening. I know its very hard. My father was also very stubborn and grumpy dealing with the same issues. Even if he refuses, I would just take him to the doctor or get a doctor to come to the home to see him. Because of the diabetes and other ailments he might have vascular dementia. He is not being rational about his condition. He needs help. Might have to call in a social worker to talk with him as well.

I went through this with my dad. My dad was so grumpy about his pills, I just let him be. But it was a fatal mistake, he died one year later. I always felt that if I had found another way, he would still be alive today. I know people talk about quality versus quantity of life, but I feel that if he had taken his pills, he might have gotten some quality back, but I never know. It is a very though thing to manage. Try to advocate for him as best you can. Thinking of you.
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