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Mom is just sitting in there crying. I ask her what's wrong and she says she's sick but can't tell me what's wrong. Any thoughts? She is 99 until May 20th.

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Maybe ask her "Tell me where it hurts", or "Point to where it hurts". Something like this? That sounds really hard. I hope you and your mom work this out soon.
You know her best, but if you have an uneasy feeling that there may be something amiss I would
take her in to an urgent care centre.
dgharris, being your Mom is in her late 90's, by chance does she have any form of dementia? Maybe this could be the start since it is afternoon and that is when "sundowning" sometimes will start, sometimes later in the day.

I remember when my Dad, who was also in his 90's, was experiencing sundowning thinking he was back in the 1940's. I would get some telephones calls saying he can't tell up and down, which told me he knew he was feeling confused, and for him that was scary.

I was able to distract Dad with therapeutic fibs, like saying oh I was feeling the same way, must be the weather.

Or maybe Mom might be experiencing an Urinary Tract Infection which has different symptoms for everyone.
Crying is a sign of depression. Speak to her doc. Anti-depressants helped my DH and reduced the crying tremendously.
Maybe she has a UTI?
I'd ask specific questions, such as "is your stomach bothering you?" or "does your throat hurt?". My mom can't articulate issues so if something hurts we ask her specifically, "does your toe hurt again?" or "does your neck hurt?". If something just upsets her, then we do our best to ask specific questions, which could be anything. There's been a few times when Mom was emotional, sad, and I'd distract her with something funny. Then she was fine.
Well she finally told me it wasn't her stomach but her heart. She believes I stole her money. AND I always get sucked in that trap. I told her she found her money which I emptied her wallet on the couch in front of her and we counted every penny that she had last week. She said she was 5000.00 short. Well you couldn't get 5000 more in her wallet and i know better than to try and convince her and I did try to convince her which did not work. She didn't eat yesterday, she either slept or never said a word. I am calling the doctor for a UTI this morning as soon as they open. She declares someone came in her room in the middle of the night and stole her money then she told me I took it. NOW I know mom is struggling and this is not her talking but I instantly take offense and I don't know how to battle my feelings. If I get up and leave the room then she thinks I am ignoring her. If I leave the room I still hear her moaning about me taking her money. I can't get away from it. Oh what to do? I'll keep you posted. Thank you for letting me vent. Pray you all had a Happy New Year Day.
" Oh mom, that must be sooooo upsetting for you think I took your money! I can't imagine how hurt you must feel". Can you then distract with a cup of tea?

Are you familiar with Teepa Snow and Naomi Feil's techniques?

I feel your pain! Hope the UTI test yields expected results.

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