Yes, the durable has powers to sell, all that etc. Dad has mild dementia. And it def has gotten worse than when first diagnosed.

Have brought it up before but the answer is no,constantly doesnt want to do it. its a trophy, thats my car, etc.

They have not sat in it since six years ago. They are wheelchair bound. Although can move one side. They have not driven since six years ago.

Its too much upkeep, and also still paying monthly and have been over 1000 per month to keep it.NOONE IS USING IT, NOONE CANT. its a TWO SEATER SPORTS CAr when it shoudlve been sold in the first place. i AM TIRED

furthermore been taking care of him, alongside my little sister that i had to take in as well plus my own family with NO HELP. its too much. and its time for assisted living. im trying not to cry while righting this. I AM TIRED. The last straw was when they called my 7 year old a b*** and "get your big fat juicy self off that for it goes flat tire" , their was a moment where a diaper bag had picture of little 4 year old girl, and was like thats a cute cute cute girl, SO MUCHHHHH i could be here fore days sorry for the rant its just about a car. im just tired. im just tired, im ready for a change. therefore this would help us start that move towards a new journey... moving , put the money back that been losing for NO REASON to help pay for everything to afford monthly expenses

If i were to sell it, whats the worse they could do if they say or try to challenge i didnt allow that?
Can i sell it regardless if their not agreeing?

thank you for even responding

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Get your child or children away from anyone who’s abusively calling them names and lashing out at them, immediately. Sell the car using the POA, use the money from it to provide caregivers. If the person who the car belongs to is being unreasonable and is no longer capable of good decision making, this is exactly the time for using POA to make the good decisions like selling the car. I’d do it with the least talk, discussion, and watching it happen possible. Car, what car? But most importantly, I’d remove myself and my children from an abusive environment today
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Leave the car alone. It’s not the problem.

Place your parents out of your home.
If you and your family are living with your parents, please move. You are responsible for your daughter. This is her childhood.

There are posters on this forum who were raised with bickering grandparents in the home. It will forever scar your daughter. She would be better off in day care after school while you work 8 to 5.

Yes their words were hurtful but you are in charge and your number one responsibility is to your child.
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Tell them ur taking it in for a tune up. Then sell it. Don't have people come to the house.

It maybe time to find a nice AL to place them.
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If your DPOA is active now, you can sell your father's car and any of his other assets too. You may or may not have to prove at some point that you were acting in his best financial interests by selling his car or other assets. This only happens if someone like a family member accuses you of not administering his funds appropriately.

If the plan is to send him to AL (and it probably should be)then liquidating an asset for cash is in his best interests because the AL will have to be paid for.

Sell the car. Then put him in AL and get everyone else out of your house.
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strugglinson Apr 18, 2024
even if you may not need the cash from it right now, sellling it to stop the $1000 a month upkeep expense could well be argued to be an appropriate course of action in managing his funds/ estate.
You need to get them out of your house immediately for your child’s sake before she gets scarred mentally for life. You should be FAR more concerned about that than a car.
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lflowers20: Sell the auto. Also, ensure that the 7 year old and the 4 year old are not subjected to that abuse.
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If they are wheelchair bound will they even notice the car is gone if you don't say anything? Are both parents listed as owners of the car? If so I would suggest having a copy of a Drs letter for each of them on hand stating that they have been diagnosed with Dementia and therefore their POAs are active (you can give those letters to whomever you sell the car to and also to the DMV). Then I would sell the car and monitor the mailbox to make sure your parents don't see any related paperwork that might tick them off. Tell them the car is in the shop for service, and keep telling them that until you get them placed somewhere. Good luck!
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I went to our car club meeting this morning, and there are plenty of members who would say “its a trophy, that's my car, etc”. That’s if they were asked. So stop asking. If you have the right to sell it under the durable POA, just sell it. Case closed.
PS Be grateful that it's only one car - car club members usually have more, including one lunatic who has 11 Cortinas. And he's not even a dementia candidate.
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Depends if you are in charge now of ALL FINANCIAL DECISIONS.
If you are, given your documents say you can buy and sell things, yes, you can sell it.
Take your POA to the DMV and ask them how to go about this in your own state.
You have taken on POA and activated it because your parents are not now capable of good financial decisions, and this is but one example. This care will soon be worthless and have to be hauled off. Let you father know it is being sold and why and that there is no argument about it and that you understand it is one more loss in a whole world of loss for them, but that this is how it has to be to prevent deterioration of the car, theft of the care, costs of the car for no reason.
Be certain, of course, that the money from sale goes to their accounts, which I assume you are managing, and that a good paper trail is there.

I am assuming your father has no good window seat on this car and won't be witness to all involved in its sale. I hope not, anyway.
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lflowers20 Apr 17, 2024
even if they dont or wouldnt have agreed? crazy part a while back when it was brought up, they were saying i dont know if i told you the right decision but the answer is still no
Ssounds like you are being to burn out. You need to find a way to take a break. Call some one for help before anything sad/bad happens.
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