Hello everyone!

I may need to quit my part time job to full time caring for my mother.

I’m in North Carolina and my mom only have Medicare; she doesn’t qualify for Medicaid.

My mom has vascular dementia.

Is there such a thing as to be trained to be a caregiver, and get paid by the state to care for a parent or spouse?

Thank you in advance and God blessed!

If she can’t afford to pay you, then North Carolina DCSS does have family caregiving programs. Contact them for more info, usually the person has to be on Medicaid to qualify though but it may vary from state to state.
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In Michigan, our regional Areas on Aging provide free family caregiving classes so you may want to contact the agency in your state.

Medicaid waiver services will pay in most states so you should contact an elder lawyer to set up a Miller Trust so she qualifies for Medicaid. If this is not possible, a caregiver agreement should be created and your mom pay you for care.
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As far as I know, at least where I live in Ohio, there are no courses for training Family Caregivers.we all kind of learn by the seat of our pants. I believe Medicaid might provide funding, but even then, it’s not hardly enough to live on. When I researched it, I found I’d get about $40 a week.

Keep in mind that unless you buy your own, there is no health insurance or retirement plan.

You and Mom would have to draw up a Caregiver Agreement. But, if she has dementia, I’m not sure that would be legal if she’s not competent to sign anything. Is there a POA? If she’s not competent to sign anything, you may have to go for guardianship which can be expensive and take a long time to get. Someone needs to legally manage her finances if she can’t.

You might want to check with an Elder Law Attorney before you do anything.
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Every state is different. There may be some dollars available in your state for a few hours each week. Call your Department of Social Services or Area Agency on Aging. Most caregivers are paid from their parents savings or retirement.
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In California you go to the Department of Social Services and it is the department called IHSS. My friend at work told me about it that she did it a couple of years ago and said I should look into it. You first have to go to a orientation and then fill out paperwork and you get $11.18 per hour. I just did the research and later this week will sign up for the orientation.
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