Like get unto exercising and to find a healthy diet, to keep me strong so I can stay on top of my game.🤗

I found the best way to avoid alcohol in our city flat was not to have it there. I could resist the temptation in the daytime at the shops, and in the evening it was too much trouble to go out and buy it. Work out how to make things work for you!
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It can be hard, especially when you don't feel like you have the time or the money (if you would have a gym membership, pay to play a sport, etc.).

But as cwillie said... it can relieve stress. In my early 20s I had a nasty and unexpected breakup with the guy I was supposed to marry that felt like it flipped my life upside down (it was post college, so I had to rearrange my current life plans of "I move to be near him and we get married" to something entirely different). My Highland dance class saved me... it distracted me while I was there and helped me feel better. Maybe once you get into a routine of exercise that you enjoy, it will make you feel better enough that that will motivate you to keep going. I think "that you enjoy" is the key word, though. If you're not into lifting weights at the gym or running (both things I can find monotonous sometimes), find some sort of sport or other physical activity that you're into and like to keep you fit while actually having fun. There are a lot of ways, whether it's a team sport of some type (you don't even necessarily have to be good at it), dancing of some sort, hiking or rock climbing, skiing or parkour or swinging from the monkey bars at the playground!

I recently read an article about forms of exercise that are best for depression and the best were any sort of group exercise (whether an exercise class with other people or a team sport), and strangely enough, another one high up there was cycling (I don't recall if they said why they thought that was). Personally I like working out with other people because it's more fun and they keep me accountable to actually doing it!

As far as eating healthy... I find if I don't have the crap food, and have lots of "healthy" food that I like, I'm more likely to eat it. Woe is me, especially, when I'm hungry and all that's around is junk food, because I'll eat more of that than I should just to fill up or out of "necessity" that it's all there is. If you can stock up on stuff that you like that is also good for you, and don't have the junk around, it helps. There are times when I think "OH, I could really go for {insert junk food here}, why don't I have any???" but I always survive without it in the end... even if I crave it at the time! Especially if I can find healthy foods that are as "easy" as junk food rather than needing a ton of preparation (but, I'm happy to graze on a handful of almonds and a bunch of carrot sticks and such, whereas other people may feel they need more "prepared" or "put together" food).
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Finding motivation is HARD, but I used exercise as a stress reliever and as a way to get out of the house - I started with walks and gradually learned to run (never far since mom was home alone!) and I know that just being outside was beneficial. As mom needed more physical help I added in some simple weight training so that I could lift and transfer her more easily. Food was more problematic - I tend to reach for treats when I'm stressed (and I was stressed a lot) but I figured the exercise made up for it. It helps to keep the crap food out of the house, you'll have way more willpower to resist those potato chips when you are at the grocery store than when you are stressed after midnight.
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