I have trouble caring for my husband 24 hours a day myself.

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Natalie, before you do anything else, contact the Admins by either calling or using the e-mail option in the lower right side on this page:

Tell them you accidentally included your husband's full name in your profile, and his first name in your post, and ask them to remove his name from both.

NEVER ever use full names on public forums.   It's not safe.
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Depending on your income you may be able to get Medicaid homecare. Call your Counties Office of Aging. They maybe able to help u find resources. I had my Mom in Daycare 3x a week. Gave my husband and I time to get things done.
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Is your Husband a Veteran? If so the VA might be able to help. And depending on where and when he served the help might be a little or it could be a LOT.
Do you have a local Senior Center? They often have Social Workers that can help you navigate the systems to get the help you need.
Is there a local Adult Day Care that he might go to a few days a week? That would give you a break. Some Memory Care facilities also have Adult Day programs that you could take advantage of.
Contact the Alzheimer's Association 1-800-272-3900 they have a help line that is available 24/7 and they would have lists of agencies that they can refer you to that could help
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