Being DPOA for Mom, can I change a CD acct. being no interest, but is in trust to my cousin?


Seems my cousin took my mom to her bank a few times and made her change 3 CDS to in trust to her (my cousin's)name. Also added her name to a money market acct. that had mine and my brothers name as in trust to. My mom has dementia past 10 yrs or more. What can I do legally about this now?? She took advantage when she took my mom to visit her and I did not know any of this till I had to put my name on her accts.

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Could your mom sign with you as beneficiary now the same way she signed it for cousin then? At your suggestion?
Has the cousin been a care taker for your mom in the past? Did your mom have an "extended" visit with the cousin? Look for any reason why the cousin might find it appropriate or your mom may have found it appropriate for her to do this at the time. Were you out of your moms life at that time? Lived a long distance away? Try to think of why the cousin would think it was ok to do this and not tell you besides the obvious. She might think she has a right to the money and a judge might agree with her so do your homework and then talk to an attorney.
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