My sister and I have a durable general POA for our Dad who has dementia. He fell down the stairs in his house 2x in a five day span and ended up in the hospital after the second fall. He is now in an independent living (assisted) facility where he is receiving occupational and physical therapy, but it's only for a 30 day respite stay right now. We want him to stay there but are not sure we can "force" him to. Are there other options besides going to court for guardianship to 'make' him or 'convince' him to stay in assisted living?

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You tell the discharge planner you need options for appropriate placement. You and your sister MUST BE IN AGREEMENT and DON'T WAVER. "Your father is not a safe discharge. He will be living alone without supervision or assistance with the activities of daily living. His adult children are not able to provide 24/7 care for him. Due to his dementia and limited capacity, we request that he be evaluated for an appropriate living situation. Father is not capable of self-care. He cannot organize the caregivers independently and is, rinse and repeat, NOT A SAFE DISCHARGE".
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