Are there any programs that will supply a senior with a vehicle for the purpose of getting around and running errands?


My vehicle was destroyed by a hit and run driver and I have not been able to replace the vehicle. Now I have no vehicle to get around with and am stranded in my home until I can beg a ride from someone. Thank you.

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In the mean time, if you need groceries, check around with your local grocery stores to see if they have on-line grocery services. You sign up, learn the software, order groceries, and for a small fee the company will deliver the groceries to your door.
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I assume your insurance agent hasn't settled the claim yet?

Does your insurance policy have a provision for a loaner car to be paid for by the insurance carrier as a result of an accident?

Since you live in a major city which likely has a public transit agency with more service than an agency in a smaller area, contact them and ask if they have (a) point to point service or (b) paratransit service, or something like (c) small bus service.
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Provide you with a car, no. But most counties have senior van services.
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