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IvanFalling, I read your profile and when it comes to Alzheimer's/Dementia every stage of this journey will bring on even more issues to deal with. I know it must be hard on your Mom, and probably moving her hubby to Assisted Living/Memory Care isn't on her list, she wants him home.

Does your Step-Dad have a walker next to his bed? And if a walker is left there, would he use it? It won't guarantee that he won't fall, but it may limit the falls.

My Dad was a fall risk, and he thought he could take that short walk to the bathroom without fall.... nope, he would fall. Since he lived alone, he did hire caregivers to help him. The night shift would hear him moving about in his bedroom and the caregiver would go in to help. Eventually my Dad decided the house was too much for him, so he was ready to move to senior living.
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Depends on the reasons for the fall and what you mean by "solutions."

If you'd like to share more information about what is happening it will be easier for people to help.
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