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Perhaps you could tell them that you are fearing the worst because you don't have any information. Ask if it is terminal, or if they have any idea whether and when she will get better. Make it about your concern for her and for them, not being nosy about the details.
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No, no way to find out the info. Your sister is the one who needs to sign HIPPA forms listing who is allowed to know her medical information.

Some families are very open concerning health issues, even asking for prayer. Others clam up and they have that right. Maybe husband and daughter feel that Mom should contact who she wants to know.

Just check in with them every so often. Plus, if sister receives Medicare, the control whether she stays or goes by the therapy reports. If Medicare is still paying, then they feel she needs to be there.
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Your profile says that your sister has had a stroke and that she seems to be improving "but" that her family is keeping her in a SNF. If she's improving, isn't the best place for her the place where she's getting therapy and good care?

Is she in the rehab section of the SNF, or has she become a long term care patient there?

Are you thinking that she should be at home? Who is available to care for her there, likely 24/7?
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With the privacy laws in effect (HIPPA) the only way to find out that is going in is,.
Ask her husband and or daughter
Ask your sister
Find out if you are on the list of people that medical information can be shared with.
A round about way would be to talk to a friend of your sisters they may share what they know. Just know your inquiry will get back to the Husband and daughter.
Without any or all 3 or 4 of these in place you can not get information.
There is obviously something going on that is preventing either you from asking or them from sharing information. Until this is resolved you are not privy to any information.
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Probably not especially with HIPPA tying up loved one's medical recorders tighter than a drum.

If you go to visit your sister in person you'd have a better chance of finding out how she is than just calling the SNF but even then you will likely hit a brick wall.

Why all the mystery? What's the big secret?
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