NH has great rehab, if I take him home, the family is worried he will fall and take me down with him. The NH expense is beyond our means. Would hospice be a possibility? He can barely walk with help, but has no tremors. How can I leave him there when he thinks he is fine at home?

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Talk to the Social worker about Medicaid. As a Community Spouse you will not be made impoverished. A couple I know had SS and a pension. They had 60k in the bank. The 60k was split. 30k going towards his care, eventually spent down and Medicaid taking over. She got the other 30k, the house and a car. She always seemed to be doing OK financially.
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If he qualifies Hospice will provide extra care but they won't cover the room and board costs of a facility, you will need to start the process to apply for medicaid. Ask the social worker at the rehab if they accept people who are medicaid pending and for their help applying.
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