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I wanted to see if anyone knew of any support groups for adults who are taking care of their elderly family members in Atlanta, Georgia? It's great that I have tons of support on this website, but my boyfriend had recommended that perhaps it would be helpful to meet in person with a group that are going through similar challenges. I would greatly appreciate any resources.
Thank you!

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Freqflyer & JeanneGibbs, thank you so much for your help. I found a support group with the resources you referenced.

Here is the resource I went to. Hopefully this can help you as well.
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I agree with your boyfriend ... an in-person support group can be extremely helpful! (Online groups are also helpful.)

In addition to the Area on Aging, contact the organization dealing with the impairment your elder has (such as American Lung Association, or the Alzheimer's Association.) They often have lists of support groups for caregivers (and/or the elder). Each care facility I've visited has had posters for caregiver support groups. Even if your loved one is not in a facility, calling a few will probably yield some options. You might also ask your loved one's clinic.

A group geared to caregiving elders is great. One specific to the kinds of impairments you are dealing with is even better. One for caregivers of people with dementia is awesome (if your loved one has dementia, of course) and one for those caring for someone with vascular dementia is beyond awesome.

I think there are many "hidden" support groups. You may have to dig a little to find them, but it is well worth the effort.
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Melin, best thing to do is contact your county Agency on Aging. Chances are they have a list of support groups.

If you cannot find a support group, don't be surprised as many caregivers are unable to get away to come to the meetings :(

I live in a mega metro area, and there wasn't one elderly support group nearby. I found the forums here were the best for me. I could ask any question and there would be answers morning, noon, and night. Plus Aging Care has a ton of excellent articles... scroll to the bottom of the page to the blue area, lot of subject matters to click on :)
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