I have been considering getting some type of device for my elderly aunt that lives an hour drive away. She has a computer and the Echo has it's own hub. I understand that it could only be used to communicate with another Echo display. They can be purchased as a set.

Any thoughts?

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We got an Alexa Show for my mother in law about a year ago. She lives in a memory care center with advanced Alzheimer's.

We printed out big signs on how to use it to call us and taped them to the wall behind the Alexa Show but she has progressed to the point that she cannot use it on her own.

What makes The Alexa show so fantastic is that it is completely hands free on her end and the Aides can help her use it using the simple commands we printed out.

Someone just has to say Alexa call and then the name of the person we programmed in and it starts a video call. It's also great that we can end the call from our end. No more busy tone on the landline when my mother in law forgets to hang up the phone for hours.

The Aides call us from the Alexa when my mother in law wants to talk to us or when she is having a bad day and they think talking to us would help.

You can also program it for a specific response to a certain command. We programmed it that when someone says Alexa Good Morning that the Alexa responds with good morning my mother in laws name and the days weather and some news.

You can also upload photos to it from your phone and then set the Alexa Show to run a slideshow of photos when not in use. The screen is large enough that my mother in law gets right up next to it and can see the photos.

There is also a feature called drop in where we can call the Alexa Show and it connects us to her for a video call automatically. She does not have to answer the call in any way or push any buttons. This has been wonderful as we call her facility and have an aide call us from the Alexa when my mother in law is in her room and we video chat with her. It's nice being able to see her and see how she looks while we can't visit her during the coronavirus lockdown.

You can use your smartphone or another Alexa show to video call. So far we love it and have found it easy to use and customise.
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I am thinking about getting an echo show for my aunt. The voice activated features would be easier for her to use since she has macular degeneration.

I believe that the video call can be made using the Alexa app on a smart phone or other device.,review-4533.html

We would like to be able to see her and to have her be able to show us things with the camera.
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