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I would like to move back with my SO in another state. We have a caregiver for some hours and I think we'll add another for later hours. I've heard so much good and bad about different ideas relating to security "systems" that I don't know where to start. I imagine I would also like to be able to see what the cameras see on my phone and/or computer. The house is 60 years old so it doesn't have any "smart" technology in it. Thank you in advance.



You will need internet services. I use an ARLO system. Bought at Costco. Runs on batteries so no wiring and easy placement. Can operate on the Cloud at no charge for basic viewing.
Can view on phone and/ or computer.
It works well but low lighting in the room causes the batteries to work harder and therefore more frequent Changes. Uses rechargeable batteries. I haven’t had a downside. My helpers don’t like changing the batteries but humor me. When my aunt (91) presses her Medialert button by mistake I can see her interacting with the ambulance drivers and have peace of mind. I can check on her during the day. See her in her chair, at her breakfast table etc.
I can see her interacting with her aids, home health etc.
it’s been helpful.
It doesn’t catch everything but is a layer of care that allows her to live as she chooses a little longer. Sometimes I’m out of range with my phone provider and I have to rely on others to check on her. I think it would be hard to utilize without someone local to maintain it to a degree for you. Hope this helps.
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I suggest that you look at wireless security systems that can be attached to the wall with screws or whatever and that are battery powered. That way the house does not have to be "Smart", only the equipment in it. :)
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