The social worker at mil and FIL nursing home is wanting us to allow a company called Libertana to assess mil and FIL by letting them check their records to see if they qualify. From my research it looks like this is a federally run agency that works with patients to provide 24 hours ' home' healthcare. I can find any other services. The problem with this is that mil and FIL will no longer have a house in another month or two as they received the notice of default from their mortgage company. Does anyone else know anything about this company? I think the NH is finally sick and tired of dealing with them and just wants to get rid of them. Mil needs a locked facility.

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Yes, a long torturous journey is a great description . We are thinking the house should be auctioned near the end of October. Default notice was issued very close to 90 days ago so we should hear something within the next week. The NH social worker told us that she's hoping to find alternatives that allow more freedom and that Libertana works with the government to place people in more appropriate places than skilled nursing. I know they ( mil and FIL have caused a lot of problems . For one thing my FIL continues to be physically abusive but they continue to allow them to stay in the same room because mil with ALZ becomes very upset if she is separated from her. The NH says they try to make them keep their door open but we can hear him yelling insults at her when she leaves phone messages. We've asked repeatedly to have mil prescribed meds for anxiety and the Doctor refuses to give them because it might cause side effects like fatigue or lethargy. I told him it was cruel to allow her to continue on like this. Because they are currently receiving medi - CAL we have not much say. Plus we are focused on getting that house cleaned out, ( 90 miles away).
Anyway- I'm thinking the gov. ( medi -caid?) must hire outside agencies to access and place people. I only see libertan associated with home health care. I think the NH social worker has too much on her plate to remember their situation with the house. According to my mil they own three houses and we all live together -apparently when my husband isn't out in her car he stole from her .😂😂😂😂
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Sorry, Jeanne's right. I wonder why the current facility wouldn't suggest that you contact Libertana directly; in that case you wouldn't have to agree to provide personal medical information.

However, if a physician at the current facility scripted for home health care, that would be a different situation, one in which Libertana would only provide services for a given amount of time.

Has anyone at the current facility advised you that they need a higher level of care, or that the facility for whatever reason wants to find a different place for them?

I found a few links that might interest you; one is the franchise link which provides some background information on the company. Unfortunately, any links to the company directly are flagged by Norton as being unknown as to security.

It's not clear why the current facility would be contacting a home care company.

I think if you want another facility, you'd be better off contacting it yourself. And I'd be very reluctant to share information to a home health care company if you feel MIL would need memory care.

The notice of default has to be issued in accordance with state law, and a specific period of time allowed to cure the default. Given that they're not living in the home, if the foreclosure were to take place, and if it's by advertisement, there would a shorter time before eviction would take place. But typically the notice of default wouldn't be so short that the foreclosure would take place in a few months.

I remember your first post sometime ago. This has been a long, tortuous journey for you, hasn't it?
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It sounds like your loved ones would not be appropriate candidates for this study. Does the social worker know their circumstances?

As far as I can tell, Libertana is a corporation operating several home-health-care businesses in a few locations, and offering franchises for other locations. I don't see any government link.
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