My in-laws are 88 and 90. They have a flip phone and mom carries it in her pocket. She’s also nearly deaf and refuses to wear her hearing aids. It makes any phone calls we exchange completely exhausting. Their phone’s volume buttons are on the outer edge of the phone and we continually find it all the way “down”. We’re thinking of removing the cover of that button to help cut down on the accidental pushing of the volume to low. Has anyone ever tried it?

Not exactly but similarly I took mom's tv remote and using black electrical tape I tightly covered all but volume I'm sure I am not the only one who hears " something is wrong with this remote" every morning ten minutes into price is disrespect but sometimes it's the operator not the machine 😇... she still manages sometimes but it is definitely one item off the hourly list !!!

Ceecee ... try it but I wouldn't tell them what you're doing... if they are like my mom every time they drop a call it will be blamed on "those buttons Ceecee took away"...

Good luck with it... I'm staying at mom's house right now so we do all our " what .. I didn't hear you" in person...
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No, but I do have experience with my deaf dad and screaming into the phone and he still couldn’t hear. He bought an amplifier and put it on his landline. That helps. He also bought a pair of headphones to listen to the TV. That’s saved my nerves many times too.

I’m a pro at blocking numbers on my iPhone, since my entire extended family has gone off the deep end about my mom going to AL.

My poor mom can’t even operate her phone anymore. Dementia is terrible.
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