My father does not like to shower or bath, he insists he does but there are never any wet towels to indicate that he does. He uses baby wipes and insists this is good enough. His bathroom is very safe and he has a care worker who is there so he could take a shower. Any suggestions on how I can get this man into a shower?

Elderly lose depth perception, so when they look down they dont feel safe. Buy a bright colored mat and put decals in the tub. Thats what we were told by OT.
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Does the shower have a hand held sprayer? If not that is a start, hard on older people to have the water spraying on their head and not being able to feel like they can safely step out of the way.

Shower chair, but only with a hand held shower.

Non-slip shower mats.

I bought my dad a designer cologne body wash, at the dollar store, and he loved the smell, so it encouraged him.

I had to continually get after him to shower and change clothes, it was frustrating but I wouldn't stop, for his wellbeing he needed this and the rest of us needed him to not stink everything up. It was really foul, he had just quit caring and I couldn't. It took months but he finally started showering regularly, with the above items in the shower.

Best of luck, that is a tough one.
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Sometimes they become afraid of water. Would a shower chair help?
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