It's worked for a year, but with declining health, Dr not recommending anymore.

93 year old mother was taken off after gaining over 20 pounds. Within a few days, declining appetite. Still eating 1 good meal. Then hospitalized for another ischemic stroke, mild heart attack (first) and a UTI.

Dementia & confusion is worse, has been lethargic, sometimes hard to understand her speech. No interest in anything.

Logically, I agree with Dr., but somehow it doesn't seem right, yet. I have to be certain of this so I can live with the decision.

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In my experience Megace is only used for about 3 months & then discontinued. I think its unusual that your loved one took it for a year.

It worked quite well for my mother- she did get her appetite back. The med was used short term.
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Do you remember when your kids were small and you worried about them eating enough? My Dr. said if what the eat makes one good meal, thats OK. I think its same with the elderly. They no longer need a lot of calories because they are no longer as active. If they eat one good meal, that should be enough. You could try Boost in between. Me, I only eat a small breakfast and dinner. Grab something in between but I don't really eat lunch.
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Ask her doc if she can be put on Remeron. It increases appetite and as a bonus helps lessen anxiety. It primarily is an antidepressant drug, the appetite increase / anxiety decreased is a nice secondary effect. It’s pretty old school and available as a generic. Super cheap. They take it at night as it makes them drowsy, which is another bonus as they sleep & get real restful sleep. My mom was on it, no negative side effects.

Megace - to me - is a more overarching medication best for those with a much more serious health situation. Megace seems to be standard prescription for anyone with AIDS or with anorexia from a cancer; or has aggressive breast / uterine cancers as Megace is a hormone based drug. I’ve had friends with AIDS and Megace did help push off the wasting of muscle mass that happens with AIDS when they don’t eat. Imo it’s a much more serious drug for a more serious condition than loosing appetite due to aging.

Theres a lot of articles out on both drugs.
I'd suggest you read several and speak with her doc about trying another approach.
If you don’t mind me asking, just how much is the Megace costing per 30 day supply and is mom on Megace or it’s generic??
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Resentfully Mar 2019
A 30 day supply of megestrol ac sus 40mg/ml is 46.49 at our local pharmacy.
Sorry it took me a while to reply.
I'm thinking it may not be good for my mother's kidneys.
Resentfully, elders do lose their appetite. One reason is that they lose their sense of taste except for sweet items. Another reason is that they are no longer active enough to need the same calorie intake as we do.

I always believed by the time someone reaches their 80's or 90's, let them eat what they want. If they want ice cream for breakfast, ask if they want one scoop or two. My parents loved their sweets :)
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