Daughter lives in a specialized group home due to mental deficiency. She has Stage-4 cancer. We've begun to give her CBD oil for the pain and her anxiety and it works great. Her group home states they cannot distribute the CBD (no THC) oil as it is illegal Federally and they are subsidized by Medicaid and Medicare dollars. With the passing of the Farm Bill signed 12/20/18 by President Trump it removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. How can I get information to her group home management that her CBD oil is not Federally illegal? Without, she has to take heavy pain meds that bind her up and cause many other side effects.

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There has to be a doctor associated with the home. Show him the info but just because the Federal government allows it, you state may not. Check with them too. I am surprised you were allowed to give it to her at all. I would think the facilities is in control medications with a doctor's order. That goes for OTC too.
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