My husband, Parkinson's and dementia patient, seems to get a lot of side affects with meds that are prescribed. When I email his doctor to let him know what is going on, he will return email and say stop the med and I will send a new one to pharmacy and that med doesn’t seem to do much except make him weaker.

It's getting very frustrating.

The meds will always be a juggling act with a patient having Parkinson's.
What I was impressed about with our 80 y.o. neighbor, who was courageous in fighting this disease, who kept walking daily in his walker, was that he kept rallying.
When everyone thought this was the end, so sad, this man would be out walking down the street, recovered and rallying. So encouraging to see.

Please read about Parkinson's on this forum. I recommend this expert:
"Late in the 4th Quarter, My New Health Care Team Takes the Field"
John Schappi
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So what do you think the alternative will be if all meds were stopped? Parkinson's is a degenerative disease. Even meds that once worked may stop working. You can choose to stop working with the current neurologist or continue to try new drugs. If you read labels you probably should have noticed a statement that drugs have side effects but you doctor ordered this for a specific purpose or benefits vs risks. Eventually you may run out of choices of treatments
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Health4him Feb 19, 2019
You could have put a little “heart” into your answer. I realize all these things, I guess I was looking for something more positive but I guess there is nothing about Parkinsons that can be absolutely positive in a favorable way.
No, our neurologist does not prescribe meds any more. Actually only two were ever prescribed and neither did anything to help. The neurologists only monitors her decline and advise me on what care might work.
She reviews all of her other current meds and note to our PCP her opinion on what should be continued or discontinued. Since the meds are for other problems/conditions, nothing has been recommended to be discontinued.
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I got very frustrated with the geriatric psychiatrist. That is why we put our mom in a geriatric behavioral health facility for a week to get a much more advanced and thorough DX. We got it. 67k. Medicare and her supplement paid for all of it.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of medicine. That's how it works. Doctor hears symptoms and based on rote learning, prescribes a set of meds. If that works, great. If not, move on to the next set of meds. Repeat until it works or until the list of meds is exhausted and give up.

Medicine is not deterministic. Each patient is an experiment.
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Health4him Feb 17, 2019
Sometimes I believe they maybe in cohoots with the big pharmaceutical companies because some of these meds are quite costly. Such a sad state of affairs.

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