Am I emotionally or mentally abused?


I'm 47, I have health problems and am on full disability. My son calls me names, puts me down. Recently he got upset and when I cam home after a few minutes he turned the water off to the toilet so the toilet would not flush. Removed the door to my bedroom, unscrewed light bulbs so I could not see, is this indeed emotionally abusive as well as mentally abusive?

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Sheba this is definitely abuse however you label it.
How old is your son?
Are you and your Mom dependent on him?
If Mom also lives in the house APS will be able to help you. I am not sure if that is possible for you alone because you are not elderly. Catholic Charities can also be very helpful. They also in some area help abused women and you certainly come under that heading.
As you are on disability do you have a social worker asigned to you?
If he repeats this behavior call the police at once. Don't threaten just do it.
emotional abuse is just the begining and can quickly turn to physical abuse.
There is actually a lot of help out there in many communities but it may take some effort to find it.
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Agreed with all those above.

He's not having normal behavior. These are anger issues. You are in danger. Call the police and get him out. Immediately have all the locks changed.

Yes, you are being emotionally and mentally abused. Please report back to let us know that you're OK.
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Yes, this is abusive behaviour. Do something NOW. If you allow this he will only get worse. He has a problem. And please, if ur home, get him out. If his, you get out.
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He sounds very frightening.

Does he have control of your finances? Is he trying to gain control of them?

How is it you have access to a computer? Is it in your home? Do you have a phone?

I think I would call the police and let them come investigate. This would put you on their radar and maybe get your door rehung.

Let us hear back from you.
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Farthest reach of the imagination: Was your son trying to repair these things?
What reason, if any, would he be removing your bedroom door?

What do you think his motivation was?

We're his actions related to him becoming upset at you?

Call APS.

You have a person in your home calling you names; making aggressive hostile actions against you; 
disabling sanitation needs; denying you privacy rights, removing lighting necessary for a disabled person to be able to see.  Call it anything you like, but get help now before this escalates.

Is there anything stopping you from reaching out and getting help?
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Call Adult Protective Services. Is he living in your home or you in his? Evict him if yours, find your an place with the help of social services if his.
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Oh, yes. Is your son of legal age to move out? Is he dependent upon you because he has emotional or mental issues that he's requires him to remain with you? Can you contact Social Services or a counselor to advice you on how--if possible--to make your son move out and change the locks?
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Is your son mentally ill?
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