She is 44 years old and was doing everything for her self. What can the mother do cuz her daughter didn't want to go and she broke the restraints kicking and fighting. She was yelling she didn't want to go, but they made her go any way. They waited 44 years to take her. Other than that her mother had her the whole time and the doctors have never said anything about her being mistreated or nothing till after the 44 year old was removed from the home. Other than that they have no proof of abuse or neglect to remove. What grounds does the mother have to get her out of the group home they put her daughter in?

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It is challenging to understand your post due to lack of punctuation, but I guessing that emotions are running high right now. From what I understand your friend is the mother of a 44 year old woman. The 44 year old daughter has some form of disability and was recently removed from the home where she lived with her mother.

Somebody reported concerns over the daughter's care to the authorities and the authorities came and remove the daughter to a group home?

Not knowing where you live or the laws in place there, I can only speak from local experience. The report was significant enough to warrant immediate removal from the home. There will be an investigation into the complaint and both the mother and daughter will be interviewed, separately. The daughter may or may not have a thorough physical exam including blood work, nutrition check etc. Other people who are in regular contact with the family may or may not be interviewed. The home likely will have a thorough check to ensure it is safe for the daughter to return.

Once the interviews and checks have been completed the authorities will determine if the it is safe for the daughter to live with her mother in the family home. It is best for the mother to realize that the social workers and other authorities are acting in the best interest of the daughter, based on the information they have been presented.

The process will go more smoothly if everyone co-operates. I am not saying it will be easy, it most certainly is not an easy process for the family or the authorities. It is terrible to think that someone believes a mother would cause harm to her child (whatever the age), but unfortunately it happens.

As her friend, offer support to the mother through the next few weeks. Don't bad mouth the authorities, no matter how you are feeling. Try to keep emotions level and calm. Offer to attend meetings and interviews with the mother and take notes. It is incredibly hard to remember anything one is told when emotions are running high.
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