Abusive Relationship

A relationship involving intimidation and control through the use of physical violence and/or emotional manipulation.

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  • Relationships are often strained when a serious illness and caregiving enter the picture. If your interactions with family members are increasingly stressful and negative, it may be time to stand up for yourself and set some boundaries.

  • Caring for a loved one who is critical, abusive or impossible to please can be damaging to your health and well-being. Learn to set personal boundaries to provide care in a safe and sane manner.

  • Caregivers struggle to maintain their own physical and mental health while providing care for loved ones who mistreat them. Learning to set boundaries, seek out help, and respect your limits can help you cope with abusive behaviors.

  • If you're caring for a senior who tries to take charge of everything and everyone around them, use these tips to help you handle their overbearing behavior while maintaining your own physical and mental health.

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