We are 71 yrs Veteran & 66 yr old Fiance with blindness & spine injury struggling to survive horrific harassment from tenant directly above us HALF OUR AGE. All day long, EVERY DAY AND NIGHT 2, 3, or 4am, she stomps the floor, scrapes her baseboards, lifts/drops corner of her bed; and uses cellphone apps generating bizarre Annoyance Noises (EXPLODING GRENADE AT 2AM!!, Laughing Witch plus more!); and PAINFUL high/low frequencies that prevent/disturb our sleep, cause headaches, exhaustion, illness, damaged my hearing. Apt Managers are her same age, demand proof, but refuse our recordings and our witness to some of the terrible noises, allowing the abuse to continue. Always exhausted, we struggle to function, get necessary medical care, recuperating from traumatic injury and surgeries, still need procedures. Police, Attorneys do not return our calls; Code Compliance doesn't handle criminal complaints (causing us harm is a 1st Class Felony!) WE are on the FBI's list for those targeted with Hate Crimes, but they won't speak with us, either. Fierce and Fragile, we are trying to resolve the conflict without getting evicted, put into the street (last year, we were put on the street sick and bleeding, while current on rent by unscrupulous landlord and judge, after traumatic injury & reconstruction surgeries from flooding, collapsing ceiling at our previous rental apartment. Here, we have been waiting 6 months for Mgrs to stop the neighbor persecution, clean the air vent spewing black particles and for necessary maintenance after Hurricane Irma destroyed the front door/frame (giving us no security) and interior paint. This incredibly hard situation is super- distressing, depressing, and wearing us down. We contacted The Florida Department of Elderly Affairs, and agencies for Elderly Abuse Prevention/Protection; none have done anything for us or any of our friends who reached out for help - now or previously. We don't know who else to contact who will listen.

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JJLevenson, time to pack up and move. Call your county agency on aging and see if there are any senior apartments where the rents are based on one's income.
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