How do you accept the loss.

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Can you be a little more specific? Has their personality changed? Obviously there are changes depending upon how severe the stroke was. Some are left with residual damage that no amount of PT will help, some become so depressed that they become a totally different person. Some can no longer speak, eat, or walk.

I once took care of a woman who had a stroke from open heart surgery. Her heart was damaged from scarlet fever as a child and the doctor told her she would have to have a pig-valve put in to replace the damaged valve but there were risks involved in the surgery and a clot was one of them. Unfortunate for her, a clot did form and she had a stroke after the surgery. She never fully regained all her mobility and range of motion of her right side and had to use a quad cane permanently. She became a very depressed individual and she showed me pictures of herself before her stroke. She told me she was a vibrant, happy, full of life kind of person but that all changed. The pictures bore witness to her happiness. She was also very independent. So I can only imagine how I would feel.

When you accept someone as they are, you no longer try to change them.
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