What weird or unexpected responsibilities have fallen in your lap since you started caregiving?

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With me, it's the TV. My mom is so sick and weak with kidney disease that TV is pretty much her only source of entertainment. That wouldn't be quite so bad if she still understood how to work the remote, but dementia has erased that ability. If she isn't able to watch TV, she usually just goes back to bed...then ends up in a state of delirium from depression and too much sleep. So now I am the one in charge of her entire world of entertainment.

Before I started staying with mom, I was used to a different life, where I mostly listened to music or enjoyed silence. I'm not really a TV person. When I did watch stuff, I'd be that person who binged a season of whatever on my days off, or watched movies with friends, and then didn't watch anything for days at a time. Now I have to babysit the TV every day, every time my mom is out of bed.

If there's a timer system on mom's TV or service provider that lets you schedule channel changes, I haven't found it yet. Plus there are a billion channels but not a lot of stuff mom can watch. I'm really grateful for streaming services. Being able to work the On Demand is my new superpower. I upped mom's bandwidth to unlimited just to accommodate her watching. I now keep a notebook with a list of what's on which channel, and how long it is, so that I can plan how long I can be away from the remote. I've even taught mom about binge-watching (for selfish reasons - so I can put on Netflix and know it will go straight to the next episode without me). I'm thinking about getting a wireless HDMI setup so I can try running stuff from my laptop (preferably in another room!).

What about you? Is there something you now have to be in charge of that you never expected would be part of your daily life when you took this on?


Dorianne, the whole da...ed journey is filled with weird, maybe not all of it every day but every day something.

The first time I trimmed mom's toenails -helped her shower-wiped her bum-cut her hair-.............

The frustration of navigating the healthcare system and home care, talking to "experts" who should know better than you do but seemingly don't.

The days you realize she doesn't really remember who you are, or who she is either.

BUT, hopefully you find some positives in your caregiving experiences too.
That's fair. All those things for me, too - I guess I was sort of hoping for stories of the "lighter side" of weird, lol.

All I knew about caregiving, or had read about as possibilities I never expected babysitting the television to be on the list! :-)
My Mom is gone now but one task I took on that I never ever thought I'd be responsible for was shaving her chin hairs. At one point she looked like she was growing a beard, no lie. When I realized no one else was going to do it, it became my job among other things.
Here's an old thread you might find amusing...

I became the clock-master. When the time changed (like this weekend), I'd have to go over the day before and change all of mom's clocks (my dad loved clocks, so mom still had a lot of clocks). Then I'd have to write her a note to tell her the clocks were an hour ahead (or behind) until the next day. Mom died this May, so this is the first time I didn't have to remember to go over to change her clocks.
I didn't expect having to attend Mother's groups with her and her friends every week atleast once a week and usually more and while I had some really tasty lunches,I was always uncomfortable being there because it was Mother's friends and I felt like I should stay out of their conversations.I just felt out of place.
Kind of like me taking mom to the hairdresser for her weekly wash and set. When I first moved home I would just take her in and go, but as she began to need more help I pulled up a chair to wait with all the other old ladies.
Oh yeah cwillie,the beauty shop was something else!One good thing though was that the hairdresser could pull out the chair so I could get Mom there in her wheelchair and that was handy......I never dreamed I'd be putting in Mother's curls every night though,but then we all had to be jacks of trades .Drivers,hairdressers,waiters,maids,entertainment committees,bathgivers,you name it and WE DID IT!
Oh gosh. Mom is finally ready to go to the hairdresser since I started staying here and picking up the pieces. I never thought of what that will be like!!!! I booked the appointment for next Tuesday....she wants a perm....
I got the official duty of C.C.C. Cat Claw Clipper. I do believe, I was suspose to consider it an honor. God Lord - my mother loved that cat. She had nearly an entire page devoted to his care and comfort in her DPOA document!

Huge cat. He didn’t like me much even before my promotion.

Enough said.

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