Both of my parents have been retired for a while and I've been helping them with reminding them to take their meds. However, they'll be moving into a retirement home by the end of the year so I'm a bit worried on how they'll manage their medication since I'm usually the one in charge of it. I found this article that has some great tips but I'd appreciate more tips. I'll be compiling them to give to my parents before they leave so that they have a guide! Thanks in advance.

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In your profile, you say your mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. What sort of 'retirement home' are your folks moving into at the end of the year? I would think there would be a medication program available they could sign up for where they're going, whereby their meds could be doled out to them by the QMAPS, for a fee of course. But what I have found is that is THE best way to ensure an elderly loved one is getting their meds properly, and on time every day. Especially with AD going on, you certainly cannot expect your mother to remember to follow instructions of any kind about her meds! And I don't know what issues dad has going on, but I can highly recommend the medication administration program at the facility they're going to. That will also give YOU peace of mind that they're getting the right meds at the right time. Please don't rely on your mother to get her facts straight about anything, not with AD going on!

When my mother first moved into Assisted Living, she was doing her own meds; I'd come by weekly & fill up her pill box. Then I started finding pills in coffee cups in her kitchen cupboard and under her recliner, leading me to realize she was no longer capable of TAKING her pills by herself. She needed more help, so that's when I signed her up for the medication administration program at her ALF. She was just starting to go down the dementia path at that time. She balked at first, but then I could sense her relief at not having to deal with any of her meds herself anymore.

I suggest you read this 33 page booklet (which is a free download) which has THE best information ever about managing Alzheimer's and what to expect with an elder who's been diagnosed with it.

Understanding the Dementia Experience, by Jennifer Ghent-Fuller

Jennifer is a nurse who worked for many years as an educator and counsellor for people with dementia and their families, as well as others in caring roles. She addresses the emotional and grief issues in the contexts in which they arise for families living with dementia.

The full copy of her book is available here:

Wishing you and your folks the best of luck with their upcoming move.

I just got my parents a Hero Medication dispenser. It is a subscription service. The device holds up to a 90 day supply of 10 medicines. I can program it from the device or my phone and it gives me a notification if pills are not dispensed on time. They do, however, have to be able to follow through with actually taking the medicine once it is dispensed. We are in the middle of a 90 day trial period but so far, so good.

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