Brookdale Senior Living establishments are dangerous! There are so many complaints all over the web they shouldn't even be able to operate. I've sent a letter to CEO/President, and 52 other people, organizations, agencies and government agencies. My mother was admitted to Brookdale following major hernia/stomach surgery. Although they were aware she was coming, not one person greeted nor ever saw her the 1st entire day and night. A stranger showed her to her room. She pushed the nurse call button many times but not one person ever came. In pain and unstable on her feet, she made her way to the restroom. Having diarrhea while trying to make it, she pulled the EMERGENCY cord but not ONE person EVER came, NEVER!!! This was her 1st day and evening there. She also never received meds nor dinner/food. The facility NEVER CHANGED HER BEDDING in 7 days and 6 nights. There were no bed rails for her safety although 3 different people told her 3 different times they would bring them. In her satisfaction survey they sent, she commented "This was a place to go to die." My Mother never complains but she has now understandably so. This huge corporation appears to only care about money, not health care or safety. They had a 4.6 billion dollar revenue in 2016 and the CEO was reported to have made $6,608,594 in total compensation. I pray some of those I've made aware of these neglectful and inhumane acts takes action to stop these facilities! A high probability of post traumatic stress disorder is possible to those who stay here. All of you who have complaints, and those I've read, please write your congressmen and everyone who can stop the neglect and/or abuse! Let's stop them! I'm more than happy to forward the letter I mailed to anyone who requests it. Protect our family, friends, strangers, PROTECT OUR ELDER!!!!!!!

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Bren, while I can understand your anger and frustration, I would like to caution you about publicly making accusations that could result in a libel charge against you. Naming specific facilities as you have could result in that kind of legal action against you.

In addition, your post title claims that neglect exists at ALL Brookdale facilities. Have you in fact been to every single one of the Brookdale facilities and observed negligence? If not, you're making a claim, in writing, on a public forum, that you can't support. Think of the potential liability from your actions.

If I were you, I'd contact the Admins and ask them to delete all references to Brookdale. It might be annoying to you, but it's safer. Remember that these posts are linked to Facebook. It isn't just here that your complaints are read. In fact, Google "Brookdale complaints". You're not the only one complaining.

I think the better and safer option is to notify agencies with jurisdiction over facilities. You might even want to notify elected officials, although I suspect many of them are engaged in political battles of a more national nature and wouldn't get involved unless it's an election year and they can find merit in championing a cause.

Still, be careful what you write on public forums.

Hoping that you filed a complaint with the Ombudsman for this particular facility and with the State Licensing Agency that certifies Rehab facilities in Texas.

Also, if any part of your mom's stay was covered by Insurance, the State Insurance Commission should also be contacted.

Was your mom in touch with you or any other family during her stay, or did this all come to light afterwards?

I ask this because for some time, we three kids were very concerned with keeping mom close to her home town and sort of equidistant among the three of this.

Then, mom had a stroke. By the time one of us was able to get from work to the hospital, she had given them all sorts of misinformation (she simply said "yes" or nodded to everything they asked her--Do you have diabetes?). No, she didn't! But we had a hard time convincing the ER staff of that!

We decided THAT night that we needed mom to be somewhere very close to one of us, and the other two would simply have to deal with long trips. We researched options in all three locations and ended up placing my mother in a facility very close to where one brother lives.

This was one of the better decisions we made in the 5 years that we cared for mom after she left her home and I wish that we'd realized how much sense it made sooner.

Being able to "pop in" to a facility, to be able to show up in an emergency and to have a presence there is a very good thing. My mom was also not a complainer, but it was easy to see if we were there in person that something was upsetting her. Often, those things were not true (the facility has been sold and we'll all have to leave; there is constant flooding in the basement--facility had no basement; I've been told I have something like leprosy), but we were at least able to be there and reassure her.

If an extremely large organisation provides services for hundreds of thousands of people annually, it only takes a very small percentage of those to be badly handled for there to be a frightening number of serious complaints. So I would be glad to think that Barb's experience was more typical, without for a moment doubting the OP's account.

What would really, really impress me would be if the above-named-and-shamed Mr Smith (and I'm all for naming names - yes, do it!) paid heed to this and similar howls of protest and addressed them directly, himself, in public. Can you hear us, Mr Smith?

Bren; who accompanied your mother when she was admitted to the SNF/Rehab portion of the facility?

Did your mother have access to a phone during her stay? Were you in touch with her during the 7 days she was there?

My mom was at a different Brookdale facility a few years back and frankly, my brothers and I mourned the fact that mom needed a different level of care. They were amazingly kind, caring and competent.

Now, my mom was very much showing early signs of vascular dementia when she was placed at "our" Brookdale facility and was fearful and somewhat delusional part of the time, but constant checking up on mom, being in touch with the staff, moving her from regular AL to Memory Care with the assistance of the facility all helped.

I'm so sorry that your mom had such a traumatic experience. I hope you get your answers.

My heart is heavy for you and for your mother. I'm pretty sure I'm annoying or even abrasive at times, but I am my dad's only voice. I pray that your mother is no longer at the facility.

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