Should we buy mom a twin size or double size bed for assisted living?

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Sort of a silly question, but we are preparing to move my Mom into assisted living. She will be living with my sister temporarily until there is an opening. She will be needing a new bed as it doesn't make sense to move her king size bed. She says she is fine with a twin, but we are wondering if she might be happier long term with a double. On the other hand a twin would allow more space for other things.

We don't know what size of room she will get, but we are aiming for a 1 bedroom. We don't have a floor plan yet, so can't plan to that.

I'm just wondering if there are any other considerations that we haven't thought of in choosing.

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I got my mom an adjustable full size bed even in her shared room at memory care

Now that she is more bed bound it has been a real help in both her comfort and changing her
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I'd say to go with your mother's wishes here. Maybe you can go out and pick out the bed and mattresses she wants. Having an idea of how large the bedroom is would really help. It may accommodate a full bed as easily as a twin-size, depending on the floor plan.
I moved my dad to assisted living in March. He has a private room. When I shopped for his bed, I was told that if he was used to sleeping on a king size, he would be better off with a full size bed, not a twin. There is ample space remaining in his room for his easy chair, a dresser and small night stand. The bed was the biggest splurge in terms of cost and quality.
I moved my father into new Senior apartment in May and a twin vs full size would have made no difference in how many items would fit in the room, but it sure makes a difference to my father who does crossword puzzles in bed and likes to keep some books in bed with him. I'd get your mom a full size.
Due to my husband's illness, we moved from a king to two twins. I hate the twin. Wish we would have gotten two doubles.

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