I did find remarkable the facility here which many rave about got a horrid review. So take in that vein. But maybe a good start for those beginning this journey.

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We never found the rankings to be reliable during our NH years. They seemed to shift without any reason. The things that did help was local word of mouth, word gets out when a place is bad, especially among the elderly, and going to visit. I agree with Barb about smells, the place shouldn’t stink. Also, there shouldn’t be bedsores. My mother was 100% immobile, couldn’t shift herself at all, yet never had one bedsore. Her NH was great with a schedule of keeping her turned and out of bed both. While there are always some workers you won’t like so much, the majority should be glad to be there and enjoy their jobs. Many told us they wouldn’t be anywhere else, that NH work was a calling. I’m still grateful

Seg, in the time my mom was in her NH in Danbury CT, its rating on NHC ranged from 5 to 1 stars. It changed all the time. The care did not change. The care was good. The communication skills of the staff ( between each dept, and with families) was mostly awful. Ultimately that really had little impact on care.

( Mostly just on my blood pressure, i.e., " your mom has a collapsed lung". "Who told you THAT?". ( your nurse) "Well, she doesnt".) And so on.

Go and see for yourself. Just know that there is no reason for a facility to smell. This place NEVER smelled. The Top rated place in Danbury stank each time we visited. Not acceptable. Ever.

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