That is not in our hands.
I feel for every single person that resorts to that question.
You know, I have read this and I believe it to be true.
The Bible, is, the map of life.
Take the time to research any question you have.
I am not religious. I am spiritual.

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I am not religious either, more a woman of faith.

I prayed that God take Mom home. She was so frail and had aged with this Dementia. The person she had been was gone and what was left was a shell. Her eyes showed there was no more Margaret. I always thought "Maybe I am suppose to learn something here and until I do, Mom won't be released". If it was Patience, I didn't learn anything. Someone said years ago concerning my Aunt with ALZ, "the soul has already left the body" Just think, its hovering there just waiting for the body to die.

Caregivers too often suffer enormously as they work themselves into exhaustion for their suffering loved one. We feel [unwarranted] guilt that we not only want our loved one's suffering to be over but also our own suffering to be over too.

Caregivers matter too and don't deserve to have their desperate needs discarded.

I think that bearing witness to torment and suffering often makes us wish for the release of that person.
My parents lived into their 90s. They, particularly my father, were able to say they wished for peace and rest and were exhausted with life. When they went I felt nothing but relief for them, that they didn't have to bear the loss upon loss that aging is, that I didn't have to be afraid for them.
I am 80. My family is all aware that I feel I have been very lucky in my life, that I have done all I wished to do, that I am ready. I hope there will be no grief. My children are entering their 60s.
There is no reason to grieve lives well lived, and as a nurse I do know that there are many reasons to grieve losses, and witnessing losses for those we love, finally their minds and all that makes them the individuals they are (were).
I don't fear death whatsoever. We all go there. As an atheist I have no fears of afterlives. But I do fear suffering, for I have witnessed it in all manner of endings.
We on Forum have witnessed many hoping for the death of their loved ones, indeed PRAYING for the end, and seldom out of anger or frustration.

If someone is saying it- could be out of sheer frustration and anger. If it happens after wishing it, the person could feel pangs of guilt but the reality is the wish did not make it happen.
Everyone has a breaking point, a last nerve, a feeling of no way out of situation..

And someone could be saying it because watching someone you love coming to the end of their life can be the most difficult challenge every and the wish is to end the suffering.

No matter how or why or who its said to its not about the person who is dying, its about the suffering the person wishing is trying to cope with.
If you are someone suffering this- sending you a hug- and if you need to talk to someone you are free to message me to share and process this for your own wellbeing.

It's wrong only if the thought is made public. In reality it's very common and logical when "life" is only breathing and moving a little bit without any possibility of recovery.

It's OK to hope that Nature takes its course and relieves our loved ones of their suffering whether you believe in God or not.

Theie's nothing to research about it -- it's human nature.

What's your point? Of course death isn't in 'our hands', but watching our loved ones suffer for years on end makes some of us pray for God to take them Home rather than continue their misery here on Earth. And, as 'the Bible' tells us, life after death is very real, so why wouldn't we want our loved ones to pass on to the next phase of eternal life? That's the very conversation I had with a Catholic deacon one day who told me how he himself prays for his elderly mother with dementia to pass away every single day! And he said that with a huge smile on his face and explained how it he feels it's a beautiful thing TO pass and be with God, out of pain, and at eternal peace!

If they are suffering badly, even dying from old age with no quality of life left, it is OK to want God to take them home and set them free.

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