Lots of people are reluctant to talk candidly about their sexual activities. Individual preferences vary greatly and fluctuate throughout our lives. Societal attitudes also change over time. We may be more open to discussing sexual behavior these days, but in many respects it’s still a very private matter.

A healthy sex life is important for all adults, and becomes even more essential as a person gets older.

We experience a greater need for camaraderie, intimacy and touch as we age.

I hear the complaints when there is dysfunction and lack of intimacy, but what does a healthy sex life really look like?

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Define "healthy". Satisfactory, stimulating, just often enough?

I think when you're happy, content and comfortable with your sex life, then it's "healthy" for you.

Excellent answer!

It is whatever the two partners agree to which make them happy.

Instead of using the word "sex", substitute the word "love", otherwise it sounds like a recreational activity. And as we age, we sometimes cannot perform... that happens with women, too, it just becomes so very painful, even days later. I noticed on another thread you were complaining about your wife. And that you were her caregiver.

Many women love to just cuddle and receive hugs. Same with some men. If a wife knows that a hug doesn't always try to lead to the physical act, she would be more willing for the cuddle/hugs.... and maybe later more intimacy.

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