(After sending one week ago by certified, return receipt.)

Letter details changes in Mom’s cognitive, memory, hearing, safety and decision making. Addressed to another doc in practice (current doc is leaving). Asked that it NOT be disclosed to her that I contacted the office.

Praying for him to be the catalyst and that Mom agrees to hearing and cognitive tests.

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Yes, they changed 12/10 appt. to 10/30. Good to remember the paper trail, not only the phone trail. Thx.

Im confused. Has the doc's office set an appointment for her in October?

If they have, tell them that you'd love to be there but that mom is not responding to you either. Again, send this correspondence return receipt requested. It's a paper trail that you are following up and that mom is not responding.

Doc's office will be obliged at some point to call this into APS.

You are only obligated to try to get mom care. NOT to kill yourself in the attempt.

As a result of my letters, new doc wants Mom in earlier than scheduled 12/10 checkup. Office staff said Mom hasn’t returned their calls to acknowledge. They want me at the appt. Have eight weeks to try and cajole her into ‘allowing’ me to go with her . . .

A few options and just have to try each, I guess:
1-bring up, again, the wisdom of her signing HIPAA at doc office.
2-ask her when next appt. is (already know it’s end of Oct.) and feel her out to see if she’s open to me going.
3-(last option?) if she doesn’t cooperate with above, just show up at docs office in Oct. She’ll be PISSED, will YELL and create a scene, but if that’s what has to happen - I don’t see another alternative.


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