All she talks about is her ailments and when she takes whatever med that isnt helping her. shes had stomach cancer and 2/3 of stomach removed this March. Since surgery she has turned from an independent 95 year old to an obsessive complaining 'old lady' who has lost so much weight in this past year she is in danger of getting put into hospital. She's at about 110 lbs. We tried to get her on antidepressants but she complained so much about side effects after 3 days I told her to stop if it's so uncomfortable. She has turned from a content positive person into this person I don't know and is stubborn and complaining all the time? My husband and I are nearing point of moving in with her but how do we deal with her stubbornness and yet neediness? Wants to talk incessantly about her problems but won't do anything? I am not patient with her, but my husband is.

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BREATHE!!!!!!!!! not sure how old you are but the only way to stay sane and not lose too much patience is to forget she is 95 and picture her as a 2 yr old. Sad but true, 2 years olds repeat the same thing over and over, demand your full attention, whine all the time, .....Also if you are so inclined to do so.....PRAY....a lot.

She is in such age sector where a patient acts like a kid and she had nothing to do with it.. It is just because of the age factor and in certain age the patient becomes more aggressive if she is not being treated at the right time .... i have watched many patients suffering from many diseases and if an average guy gets well in 10 days then at the age of 90 + the duration becomes more..

Also, she is probably eating only 600 calories a day, says she has no appetite, yet her condition requires her to eat many small meals during day.

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