I just don't care anymore. I have spent the last 11 months worrying about everyone and everything and I am just tired of it. My girls live at home, with their sons, my Mom needs 24/7 care, my MIL may have had a small stroke, my husband and I have very little time to ourselves and cannot make plans. So what. I have noticed in the last year that I am more apt to give you my opinion whether or not you asked for it. I need to find time to do what I WANT to do, now what I HAVE to do. Yeah right.

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Saving, you'lll never *find* the time. You have to *make* the time. The more impossible that seems, the more true it is. As to how you make the time, I don't know enough about your situation to tell you, but from the bit you wrote it seems the 'girls' are adults so perhaps it's time to give them 6 months notice to find their own living space, & get mom & MIL into assisted living or other appropriate care facilities.

I've been through the cycle--got out from a major care commitment, only to let myself get sucked into another. Now in the serving notice and following through part of getting out again. It's not easy.

Know that feeling. Been this way since i could remember. Best bet is find an outlit. I read mostly. Its a vacation without the vacation. Find something you love and do it. Even if its only 10 minutes at a time.

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