Hello my Mom has Parkinson's and lives with my Step dad he is always on his computer and only helps when he absolutely needs too, I was coming out every winter to take care of her for 3 years when I was laid off work but then my partner and I came out a year and a half ago in the winter and ended up staying too take care of my Mom because she ask me too I do everything what a caregiver would do plus more because I take care of her husband also his laundry and cooking for him too they pay me a small amount my boyfriend and I gave up our house and we are staying in our motor home on the property my sister and brother live one hour away they never come over to my Mom's I have been very stressed out and overtired and having guilt issues and anxiety with depression seen my Doctor gone for counseling etc. I had always told my Mom that I would never put her in a nursing home but now I am thinking in the feature she might have to go feeling so guilty for getting really crabby with her at times she tends to nag nag and is a born again christian she calls me all the time I barely have time to have a bodily function. I have no life or time for brushing my hair and teeth looking pretty rough at times, I have OCD and struggling with that all my life but never depended on the government for any disability always worked. I had no idea what I would be facing on my own. The guilt is killing me for being crabby at times and my sister makes airy promises and doesn't keep them my family is very dysfunctional and hypocritical and controlling.

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Perhaps your economic situation is more depressing than you realize. Find a paying job and save up enough to move on with your life.

But that is easy to say since we left our jobs my partner has found little work here we are in a situation of slowly going into debt.

Know your limits. If you are stressed out and overtired, pack up the motor home and go on vacation.

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