I'm really excited to share this. B/c the studios where the Dance for Parkinson classes are held would involve a lot of seniors and/or compromised individuals, the group is providing for free access to its movement videos:

There are several videos of movement therapy, while seated or standing. These are not dance exercises which require any knowledge of dance; they are movement exercises to keep limbs flexible, provide balance, stability, and to boost morale through movement.

My thoughts are:

1. For those who are caring for someone at home, you can access the videos on computer, and do them with your loved ones.

2. For those with loved ones in care, you could contact the facility and ask if the PT or OT department could play the videos, even for just a few people.

I hope these help you and those in your care keep active during the "confinement" period of the Coronavirus.

If you want to order videos for your home or facility use:

A. Domestic & international shipping charges are being eliminated for those who order the "At Home DVD" pack, with over 7 hours of at home programming. Use Code HEALTHY, at:

B. Video on Demand prices have been reduced by 20%.

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Geaton, checked the latest e-newsletter.     The video links are easier to use, and I could access one yesterday and do some workouts while sitting at the computer.    Today I couldn't get it to work properly.

But overall, the latest e-mail hasn't offered any changes.   They're still willing to share live workouts via the Internet.   There's one tomorrow; I may try it.

Geaton, I just got another e-mail from the Parkinson's Dance Group; I think there are some more offers; I'll check them and post back tomorrow.

Thanks for this resource, GA! I'm gonna show it to my 90+ Mom tomorrow!

Anything that helps and if they will cooperate is useful. Thanks, GA!

When mom was living with me and doing home health I asked her to tell me if she and daddy had a favorite song. I was amazed at the response that I got. I actually started crying.

She teared up a bit which was unusual for mom. She was stoic, the rock of the family.

Anyway...she quietly and slowly broke into the song, and sang the whole song! She remembered every word, a very cool Sinatra tune!

It was one of those rare special moments I had with her. The physical therapist impressed me so much. He streamed it for my mom to exercise with. It was so sweet. He was amazed by mom too.

Oh well...thoroughly depressed now because I wish things would have been different between us and I wouldn’t have burned out and things wouldn’t have turned sour.

GA, I tried so very hard but after 15 years of caring for her in my home I had nothing left to give.

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