Exercise for the Elderly

Information and advice regarding maintaining physical activity as an individual ages to improve overall senior health and physical fitness.

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  • 4 Balance Exercises for Seniors That Help Prevent Falls

    As we age, we often develop new health conditions, begin taking more medications and lose muscle mass. These factors can all increase a senior’s risk of falling, but a few simple exercises can help prevent injuries by improving strength and coordination.

  • Seniors Can Find Confidence and Flow in Yoga Practice

    A regular yoga practice can provide a number of physical and mental benefits to an elderly person. There are many benefits to yoga that make it one of the best exercise regimens for seniors.

  • Beneath the Surface: Aquatic Exercise for the Elderly

    Water-based workouts are an excellent form of exercise that is easy on seniors’ backs and joints, but there’s more to water walking and swimming laps than just physical benefits.

  • Fun Exercises to Help Caregivers Stay Healthy

    Of all the things a caregiver wants to do, exercise usually falls last on the list. But a workout doesn’t always have to feel like work. Use these tips to make fitness more fun.

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