Here in CA we are not in full lockdown/quarantine mode yet, but I feel that it is coming. I am caregiver for my friend Richard, I go to his small apartment daily to help him get out of bed, use the restroom, and have a meal. He is fully mentally aware, his legs have been deteriorated by Post Polio Syndrome. If we go to full "curfew" and "lockdown" mode, where people may be pulled over and stopped just for driving, How would I get a travel allowance/exemption? Would they have to place him in a facility for his own good? The reason he is not in one yet is that he does not meet the criteria of being FULLY bed bound, and can't afford an AL place. He would literally rot in his bed and starve if I was not there.

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Even if we go into full lockdown, I don't think it will be that draconian. It hasn't been that draconian anywhere. Supermarkets are still open and people still have to go out to get food, medications and other essentials. In most places enforcement has mainly been by the honor system. People are self motivated not to leave home. It's not that the police are an occupying force keeping people in their homes. I think the most draconian so far has been Italy. Even there, as long as you have a valid reason you are OK to move about. You just have to fill out a form. If you don't have one, the police give you one to fill out if they stop you. It's basically an affidavit you sign saying you have a valid reason to be out.

In the US look at how mandatory evacuations go as a model of how it will go here. Legally the police can forcibly remove people. I can't think of one time they actually did. The authorities will probably concentrate on enforcing business closures. With no where to go, people will just stay home. I don't think the police can or will do more. Americans don't react well to that.

Other countries have made sure that homebound people are taken care of during a lockdown. I would hope we would do the same here. If we don't and we do have a draconian lockdown so that you can get to your friend, call APS or the police.
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First of all, you’re a kind friend. He is blessed to have you and I hope that you will receive great blessings in return for your thoughtfulness.

Don’t wait until the restrictions become tighter. Ask your friend to submit in writing that you are his caregiver that he relies on. Have him contact his physician to confirm it. The documentation will be proof that your services are required.

Best wishes to you and your friend.
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First thing tomorrow, call his doctor together. Have the doctor email something on letterhead that states that you are his caregiver and need to be able to get to him.
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