Recently I cannot find ‘showtiming’ although ‘sundowning’ is there, and I couldn’t find ‘dysfunctional family’. ‘Representative payee’ is there, but ‘social security’ is not. A search for ‘social security’ finds a short explanation and some questions, but they don’t cover ‘representative payee’. I am sure that there are more. The information is probably there somewhere, but it can be hard to find through the index or the search facility. And perhaps there could be a glossary for acronyms – people often use the initials for disease types, which does pick up most people who know that they are dealing with the same thing, but doesn’t help other people who could use a diagnosis for symptoms they don’t understand. Perhaps put this on the list to do at a quiet time? And could you put 'site' on the list of topics for questions?

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Representative payee is someone assign to handle another's SS when they can't. Ex: a person with a disability that makes it impossible to handle their own money correctly to make sure its there for them for lodging and food.

Showtiming is something that should be in the glossary, but is not. But you could search using the term, there are many hits. This is just one.

Dysfunctional family may not be defined in the glossary but if you Google it you would be overwhelmed with hits.


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