I kind of think the cartoon of Bugs is the epitome as being a caregiver. This is kind of like what caregivers feel like once taking the obligation of doing your duties; except, this is a cartoon. If you never saw or don't remember cartoon. Please go to and look up in search bar for: "Looney Tunes Volume One E06 " 8 Ball Bunny"

I remember this cartoon as a kid; but, look at it a lot differently given what I go through enduring daily actives of a caregiver. We all go through different experiences each day and have to deal with it and make difficult decisions. That's the obligation you take as being a caregiver or for some repeat caregivers.

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Sometimes I feel like the cue ball (it gets hit on every shot).
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Not Looney Toons, but I’m Eeyore.
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I identify with Wile E. Coyote. Tricked into falling into the canyon by my narcissistic mom. Flattened by a giant boulder.
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