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My grandfather is 89 years old he has signs of dementia, COPD, Heart Failure, and many other problems. My family is dysfunctional. It looks like he may not survive. I have been helping my mom take care of him for years. He's been moody lately since he can't remember anything anymore. He took it out on me and mom. He said pretty vulgar comments im not going into detail. I'm worn,tired and broken. Advice?


It's the ALZ, and losing his independance. 89 years old, feed him treats. He will lash out, he probably needs more help getting dressed, everyday stuff we all take for granted. Some people get angry/violent, and some become quiet. You got the angry tude. It happens. Friend had to put her hubby in psych ward, he got bad. Gentleman all the way up to that point. Sweetest man you could have met. Sorry you are going through this. REassure him, tell him it's okay not to remember. It's ok. If he gets physically angry, talk with doctor...take him to park, walk him if you can, wheel chair him if it's better, take him for a special icecream place, or something light and pretty.
First of all no one survives life, death is just part of life and we all go through it. 89 is a great number and he is very lucky to have gotten those 89 years. My day and FIL are both 88. They know that each day is a gift. Does not mean that they remember anything or that they are charming all the time. Sorry, but families just don't always pitch in as expecting, very disappointing in my case. Sorry you have to deal with this.
My heart goes out to you, Angel. I do agree with above post regarding hospice. It would be beneficial to get an evaluation done and see if he qualifies for hospice. They are wonderful with dealing with the decline and health issues your grandfather is experiencing. My mother had hospice twice before she passed away. And I don't know what I would have done without their expertise and comfort measures for my mother.

Hugs across the miles and take care.

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