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Today Mom and Dad took the leap and traveled by elder medical cab to an appointment. Until now they have been refusing this service and depending on family to take them everywhere. That is not always practical or even possible and we need back up.

Mom called my brother at work to get a ride and he could not leave. She knew my sister and I were also unavailable. She already canceled one appointment once for the same reason so I guess she decided to bite the bullet and call the cab. All went well and Mom said both drivers were very nice and helpful. Now that she knows it's that easy she said she would have no trouble doing it again.

I was really proud of her and told her she deserved a cake for being so brave. She loved that idea :) I have a crazy family and they can turn on a dime but right now I'm just going to enjoy this moment.


Bravo [clapping hands].... now I wish I could get my parents to do the same thing.
Con grats! Youre one step closer to sanity
So happy for you and your mom!! I hope she keeps it up. :)
It is great to hear some good news!
It sounds like such a small thing, but we know it's BIG. Yea! That is a nice service to have for seniors.
Thanks for sharing this ... small victories are rays of sunshine!
Good for you, I am glad to see that someone is getting better
Thanks guys. Like JesseBeele said it looks like a small thing but it really is big and I knew you would all understand.
This just makes me happy! Bravo!
That's really great news. Plus it will make your parents feel very independent again. No longer having to rely on their children.

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