Or is it just my fatigue physically and emotionally? He complains about one problem after the other. I know he can't help it but I feel like I have to solve each thing and it's too much. Plus I don't know how to fix a lot of the things. He keeps having back ache, sound really bothers him now, etc. I bought two types of ear plugs that didn't work. Not cheap one. But good ones. We kept having problems with his pant sliding down because too big. He lost some weight. But I would measure him and it looked like he couldn't wear smaller size. Finally yesterday we got to store. Trying on smaller size it fit. So now I have to pin it up and take to get hemmed. Going to library today without husband. Felt excited about this. First time I leave the house without him since he has been home from rehab.

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Hadnuff, think of it this way, you were put into a "job" that you would never would have considered as a career. The reason being, you nor I were not cut out to do this type of work. It's all on the job training without the help of a mentor to show us the ropes.

Your hubby is probably so frustrated as here he went into open heart surgery and had a stroke [correct?]. He probably feels he has failed you, and it probably hurts him seeing you trying to do everything.

Whatever you do, do not baby Hubby, he needs to do what he can for himself even if it takes him twice as long... there will be that light at the end of the tunnel.
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Getting his pants hemmed is just normal. He is very short. But so much bothers him way more than before the stroke. I have been told he needs lots of sleep and rest now. Its hard when every little noise bothers you. Not just normal bothers you but worse cause of the brain damage. And my solutions don't help. And part of it is my lifelong desire to make him feel better. Part cause he is missing out on so many things this last few months that he looks forward to. That only happens once a year.
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It's good to get out of the house. I hope you will be able to get out of the house and go to the library today. You do need time to charge her batteries.

Your husband sounds like a handful. With everything on your plate, customizing pants seems rather overboard, but, that's something you will have to set boundaries over. You are the one leading the program in the home. So, if you constantly jump to every whim, I expect your frustration will continue.

I hope things get better, but it sounds like your husband is quite demanding and his demands are not easy to comply with. Why not, at least for now, provide him pants that are adjustable, so you aren't spending so much time measuring, buying, and altering pants for him? Perfection is rarely possible and can create a lot of frustration. I suspect that may be one thing that is making things so hard.
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