We are trying to transfer our family member from one SNF into another. Family member is already accepted into that second home, however they need PRI/SCREEN done. Current facility refusing to complete PRI/SCREEN, stating accepting facility has to pay someone to come to the facility and complete it.

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PRI/SCREEN is required by New York state law before a patient is admitted to nursing home or skilled nursing care and is only good for 30 days. It's either private pay by the patient, Medicare under certain circumstances or by Medicaid. Was the family member at the old SNF for less than 30 days? The PRI/SCREEN for NY that was done when the family member was originally admitted should still be good. There is not anything in the law that requires the discharging/current facility after 30 days have gone past to pay for the subsequent PRI/Screen to transfer the family member to a new SNF. If you contact the social worker at the new facility, they should be able to help you find an appropriate agency or individual licensed by state to get it done. There are financial arrangements that can be made if low income or hardship waivers exist or Medicaid should pay for the screening if the individual is already on it.
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