My mom is healthy at 77 but what precautions do I need to take care of before anything changes?

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I agree with jjariz above. Make sure all the legal documents are current. I would highly advise you make an appointment with an Elder Law Attorney. And while there, get your own POA, Will, Medical/financial POA in order. One is never too young to have these items.

If Mom is forth coming with how much she has in savings, checking accounts, bonds, real estate, etc. that will help you decide what type of outside care Mom could afford, so that you aren't overloaded doing all of the work.

Hiring experienced caregivers, they average around $20-$30/hrs currently. Independent Living and Assisted Living averages around $5k-$7k per month. Nursing homes are a real eye opener cost wise, at $10k-$12k per month. Hopefully your Mom won't need to worry about any of that for quite a while, if at all.

If Mom didn't save for those "rainy days" and there will be many, thank goodness for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] which will help Mom out if she needs nursing home care... Medicaid will pay for all the cost only if your Mom has run out of her own money.

Since your Mom is pretty healthy, plan ahead if for some reason you need to be Mom's caregiver, and she is resistant to any outside care. Will you move in with Mom, or would she move in with you? If mobility becomes an issue, then one has to fix up the bathrooms with grab bars and other safety features. Stairs in a house can create quite a problem.

So glad to see someone planning ahead. I know for myself, I was in denial that my folks would ever get old, as they were still walking 2 miles a day for exercise while in their late 80's, and were still living in their own house.
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Start by asking Mom what she would want done if she becomes ill or disabled. Do not make any promises that you may not be able to keep or want to keep.
Now is the time you need to look at Mom's housing situation and if necessary encourage her to downsize.
Remember you can not force anyone to do anything so take it slowly and just feel her out. Certainly do the Will POA and Medical done as soon as possible. You never know when an accident or illness will happen.
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POA, will, Medical POA
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