Mum recently sold her house and moved to an over 55 senior village she had 250k after purchase it’s less than 2 and a half months and it is down to 126k and going fast.. I need help to secure her future.

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Are you on her accounts? You can get images from the bank concerning transactions including cashiers check purchases made from that account. If she is cognizant of her actions and she is mentally stable there is not much you can do. Talk to your states attorney about suspected elder financial abuse if you are able to prove the sibling did take it from her. Check to see if she may have invested it elsewhere, it may not be in the bank but rather with someone like edward jones or invested in an annuity.
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Are you sure it was a sibling? Some of those over 55 communities require a buy in. If it is sib, mom would have to pursue it, if she is competent. If that is the case she probably won't do anything about it. While competent we can do what we please.
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