I am near Ashland--Southbrough MA. My LO now has a carer who comes daily from 12 noon till supper time
I had hoped to find things to do at local senior centers. Not only they tend to close early afternoon but they offer the usual stuff like bingo and for pay exercise classes. I had hoped to find a place to meet others and talk over a cup of coffee. I am amazed the local COA centers are back in the dark ages lacking information on activities on the WEB.

How do I get out and do something? What do you suggest?

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whoops. Hit "post" before I was finished.

If you're referring to the MA Council on Aging, the brief research I did suggests to me that they're more like the Area Agencies on Aging in other states, more to coordinate issues affecting seniors rather than provide activities.
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I had to Google COA as I'm not familiar with that term. If it's the Council on Accreditation, it doesn't sound like something that would be activity focused.

As to your comment that they're in the "dark ages", remember that some of these organizations are functioning on limited funding; they don't have the funds or staff for extensive web activity. Perhaps that's an area that you could address by volunteering your services at one of the local COAs.
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What did you do for leisure before you became a caregiver? What are your interests?

Libraries are a good suggestion. They have book clubs, sometimes needlework clubs, no woodworking clubs that I've found yet, coffee and chat occasions...Check out the local libraries in all the communities around your area and start with the coffee and chat sessions. Go to several to find a varied group of people to meet.

Or even ask one of the libraries if volunteer work is available; it's a good way to get acquainted with library staff and learn what else is available.

Try to locate clubs for the interests you have. Can you physically do yard work? Plant a garden? Go for walks? Walking around the neighborhood in the evenings after supper or on weekends is a great way to meet neighbors.

Check with local communities to see what their adult ed or senior programs are.

Sunny makes a good suggestion about community colleges. In our area, they differ vastly depending on the specific area. One in the past has had international programs, focusing on a particular country or continent over one academic year. There were speakers on various issues, music and was quite sophisticated, contemporary and intellectually focused.

Volunteer to work at an animal shelter; volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels.
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I'm not familiar with your area, but I will tell you what my father did recently. He wasn't looking for a social group, but it fell in his lap. He received a call from someone about a local Genealogy Group about a meeting they were having for lunch at a local restaurant. The topic was about a Civil War officer who is one of our ancestors. He attended and thought it was very nice. There is a small fee to join and you have to pay for your own lunch, but it was quite amusing. You may see if there is one in your community. Oh, there were 10 women members and my dad was one of two male members. lol

If your town has a local newspaper, you might get one and look in the Social department. See if they have announcements for things like Poetry readings, Retired Business Owners meetings, church events, etc. You might check online as well.

Also, check with the local library. They sometimes have events and announcements from other community groups about meetings, interest, and activities. Sometimes they are posted on their door and around the entrance.

Also, check with the Community College. They often offer a weekly seminar on various topics, like computers, health and safety, etc.

I'm so impressed that you are seeking social activities. I wish you much luck!
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